Technical - Getting the smartLav+ to work with the Zoom H4N

Zoom H4N and smartLav+ with SC3 Iíve added this as I couldnít find any concrete information about using the Rode smartLav+ with the Zoom H4N recorder. Without making a config change to the Zoom AND using the SC3 adaptor, the smartLav+ didnít work for me. So after I couldnít get it to work, even with the SC3 adaptor, I consulted the Zoom manual. On page 31 of section 6-3 there are instructions for changing the INPUT setting.

Initially for me the PLUG-IN setting was set to OFF. I changed this to ON. Thereafter, the smartLav+ used with the SC3 connector worked perfectly with my Zoom and actually sounded great.

Pictured is the H4N recorder with the smartLav+ and the SC3 connector. The SC3 converts the TRRS plug on the mic to work with the TRS socket on the Zoom.

Iíve put a note inside the case for the Zoom to remind me to switch the input power off for when I use another mic like the Rode Video Mic Pro.

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Disclaimer Ė These instructions are for guidence only and come with no guarantee or warranty whatsoever. Please check that any settings you change are valid for your equipment. The settings worked for me but you need to be sure they will work for you.

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